Nataly Andria is a well-known and popular musician in Madagascar. She was born in Antsirabe, in the central highlands of Madagascar and rose to fame  by being on the very first music talent show aired throughout the whole country in 2003. She has gained popularity for her unique vocal style and her ability to blend various musical genres, including Soul, Jazz, and traditional Malagasy music. Never wanting to be a big fish in a small pond, she moved to Paris, France and has recorded 4 singles and released 4 EPs since. She performed in Europe & Africa from small venues to stadium while being Paris-based. She eventually moved to London, United Kingdom, where she started writing and recording her debut album. When the pandemic hit, she moved to Houston to finish her project, where she still resides.

She writes her songs in a way that her music often features elements of traditional Malagasy music while incorporating elements of neo-soul with soulful vocals and jazzy harmonies. Nataly Andria writes in several languages, including Malagasy, French, and English. Malagasy is her primary language, however, she also sings in French, which is one of the official languages of Madagascar, as well as in English, which is a more internationally recognized language. Her ability to write and sing in multiple languages has helped to broaden her appeal and has contributed to her success as a musician both in Madagascar and internationally. Her live performances showcase her diverse musical influences and her unique blend of different styles, and have earned her critical acclaim and a loyal fan base.